Weekend of Wonder

I'm ready for it, I am. This week seems to have dragged but I'm only a few joyless hours away from escape and the beginning of what is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend.

First, a trip to "Indiana Jones: The Adaptation" tonight with a group of fellow film fans. Should be great fun.

Then Saturday is free comic book day. I think I'll make a stop at my local shop which I haven't been to in ages. We'll see what they've got for goodies there. I'm also supposed to be going to the big coffee meet in Vancouver but hubby and I are headed to the drive in with the car club and I'm not quite sure what time we're meeting up so the coffee may be a write off - we'll have to see if I can squeeze it in. It's my first trip to the drive in, ever, and we're heading out to the Twilight in Langley, the Lower Mainland's only drive in. The main attraction of the evening: "Iron Man", so far the best reviewed film of the year. I feel a bit of disappointment coming on because I can't believe it'll live up to the hype but I'm willing to reserve judgement.

Not sure what's in store for Sunday. Maybe a few films at home or maybe a trip to the mall for a double bill or who knows? Perhaps something else will come up.

Back to work but I leave you with the KFF which has been MIA for a few weeks. This is a big one, ripe for desktop background goodness!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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