Size Zero? No Thanks!

I love my TV but I don't get too many chances to regularly watch specific programs and as a result, I often start off on a show and fall off the bandwagon a few episodes in, mostly because I don't have time for it. There are two exceptions to the rule: "Hell's Kitchen" (because I love me Gordon Ramsay) and "America's Next Top Model". Not quite sure why I love the second one so much - it may have something to do with growing up watching Fashion Television, watching my mom get dolled up for going out or maybe too much interest in couture (it's art damned it!). Between the pretty pretty, the drama, gorgeous photography and the beautiful clothes...I just can't help myself.

The last few season, the producers have cast at least one so-called "plus size" model. I always took it as a cheap way to try to make a statement but whatever, it's TV. This time around, they cast the gorgeous Whitney Thompson.

This girl is beautiful. Gorgeous really. And though she's no where near "plus size" (they refer to her as "full figure"), she's got a little bit of shape and a few curves. She's a real woman - not a hanger.

I missed the show, but Whitney won the Cycle 10 competition and I have to say, I'm impressed. For me, she was the prettier of the two girls but beyond that, she's not your "typical" model and to win such a mainstream type of competition is a move in the right direction - a soft suggestion that one doesn't have to be a size zero to be beautiful. I hope she manages to continue making splashes in her career because she's a beautiful woman and I'd love to see her sporting some of my favourite designers.


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