Book Marketing on Crack

The other day I posted some interesting developments in book promotion that has been dubbed "Book Trailers" and today I noticed some interesting marketing with "Writing Guru of the Moment" Stephenie Meyer.

By now you've noticed I'm a fan of the books but I'm also very impressed by Meyer's team and their creativity in spreading the word and excitement on the books and keeping the fans happy and involved. Sure, having a movie in the works doesn't hurt any but I'm particularly impressed by news around Meyer's book tour. These tours are nothing new: a book comes out, the author goes on tour to promote it and sign autographs. The difference here is the way in which they're approaching this. Meyer's publicity team is going further by incorporating music into the event even dubbing it the "Breaking Dawn Concert Series".

If that's not enough, they've also recently announced that the tour will be recorded and used as webcontent to share with fans, free of charge. Talk about keeping your market happy.

This entire thing reminds me of the last time I saw Anne Rice, on tour with Pandora. The event ticket cost me $15 but it also included a screening of Interview with a Vampire but I must admit, that seems small compared to this marketing machine.

Details about "The Breaking Dawn Concert Series" can be found on the official website. If you're looking for information on book tours in general, I urge you to check out BookTour which allows you to sign up, find the author of your choice and track their upcoming tour events via email!


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