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Breaking out in the book business seems so much more difficult than breaking out in the movie business. I've never researched the actual numbers but I certainly get the sense that there are thousands of books published daily whereas there are only a couple thousand of films made every year. I could be way off but that's the sense I get.

I was reading an interesting article by author Sophie Masson on Writer Unboxed, a site I started reading because one of my favourite writers, Juliet Marillier, occasionally posts there. Masson was talking about Web 2.0 and using some of the technology to get some attention. Masson speaks directly about making trailers for books.

I agree with most of the points she brings up but looking at the few trailers she linked to, I must say I didn't finish any of them. I'm not an expert on video but I do know what appeals to me and this certainly isn't it. They all feel static and a little boring. Masson's first rule states "Do not use a video camera to shoot a trailer." I think right off the bat you're missing out on an opportunity. Many of the best on-line videos I've seen on-line are home made. I think the KEY is to ensure that, whatever you're making, make it unique. Maybe use animation or live action, or even the pictures idea but above all, make it interesting and appealing. Also, the minute and a half running length is way too long. 30 seconds or a minute is the most I'd start with and if viewers respond well, then expand. Even better, do a series of short clips. If the first one is interesting, folks are more likely to come back for more.

Just a few things that came instantly to mind. I do think the idea is a good one - certainly thinking out of the box!


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