Shopping for Home

I love shopping for the house. I wish I had more money to do it and more space to really buy what I'd love but I think we've done fairly well for ourselves with a few nice pieces.

I was doing a little research for the boss lady who is currently shopping for furnishing for the PH Show Suite in our first tower and I stumbled on a local store which I simply must visit. It's called K Interiors and they are located on South Granville Street. I was browsing around their shop tour and nearly fell off my chair looking at the sheer number of gorgeous Art Deco inspired pieces. Must make a trip out there.

One of my other favourite local shops is Bella Idea, which has been on Hastings for decades. Mom and dad have shopped there for as long as I can remember and though most of the furnishings are outside of my budget, and even in some cases taste, they have a large selection of bedding, dining room settings, china, silver and pretty much anything else you might need for a dinner party. I love it.


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