The Disappearing Car Door

Photo care of Disappearing Car Door on Flickr.

Bye bye door dings!

When a friend mentioned these doors to me, I thought he was pulling my leg but then, why should it seem so sci-fi-ish? Car designs and concepts haven't really chanced much in a few decades but technology has continued to grow so it only makes sense that something like this is on the horizon.

The company is called Jatech and they have developed technology which allows car doors to essentially slide into the body of your car. On the surface, there doesn't seem to be too many advantages to this other than it looking cool but heck, it could make for safer cars. Just thing of drivers trying to open their doors into traffic to get out of the car, being able to get in and out of the back seat without having to move the front seat....but overall, I'll admit there's a nice aesthetic to the movement of the door "disappearing".

Not sure of the cost of this add-on (though I'm sure it's not cheap) but it'll be interesting to see if a car manufacturer decides to implement the technology as a standard in their vehicles, forcing other manufacturers to follow suit. Not sure how realistic that is but a girl can always dream....


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