I Scream for Ice Cream!

It's 24 degress and gorgeous outside. Hubby and I have been out and about since 10:30 this morning before everyone else headed out for the day. Bank run, grocery run, shopping for headphones (which I'm completely undecided on). We ended up in Queensborough and I twisted hubby's arm, dragging him for a little reprieve at Marble Slab Creamery.

Founded in Texas, the company has been serving delicious "home made" treats since 1983. They have a whole load of locations, including a few in BC, but this is the only one I'd noticed before.

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The Best Place on Earth?

We'd been meaning to check the place out before but the first time we were out there on a hot day, the line-up was much too long so we held off. Today, it was still nice and quiet probably because it was just after noon.

It's clean, white and glittery inside the shop with light bouncing off of all the shiny surfaces. It smells wonderful, like freshly made waffle. As someone comes out to help us, we spy an army of white dressed folks in the kitchen, madly dipping cones into chocolate and then nuts.

I can't decide on a flavour. Hubby goes firs. He picks Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherries. Small size.

They scoop out the ice cream, weigh it, put it on the slab. Add the cherries:

Cherries, Yum!

Mix it all up...

And the he gets to enjoy!

Finished product!

It tasted as yummy as it looks. I ended up getting the Belgian Chocolate with Raspberries in a waffle bowl, for the added cost of $0.75. Both were absolutely delicious. A little piece of heaven only cost us $11.


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