Exhaustion Sets In

I feel like someone beat me yesterday. The biggest street fight in history!

Not really. The truth of it is that we spent the day installing hardwood in the bedroom. I don't recommend taking on such a huge job in one day. It took us a few hours in the morning to empty the room and by the time the carpet was pulled out and the floor clean enough to start the installation, it was 11am before the install started. While that was being done, I was busy re-painting a few furniture pieces that required a touch up. It took a few hours to finish and a few more to move everything back in but by 9PM, we were finished. It's beautiful, clean and very comfy on my tootsies but the job was painful to do.

Saturday, we tackle the living room. Oh dear. Thankfully, not as much furniture to move. I am, however, not looking forward to moving all of my DVDs....

On a much better note, I did get out to see Wall-E on Monday night and it was fantastic. My thoughts are here, along with those of the guys.

As a nice bonus, I have a new companion at the office.



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