Money Down the Drain

I *should* have known but I didn't. Shortly after I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's trilogy, I took all three massive books to a Bookcrossing Meetup where vanbiohazard took them home. I didn't think twice about it at the time but I can't tell you the amount of times I've kicked myself since then. I should have kept them and damned it, now I don't have them to refer back to. I just never knew this entire Bella/Edward story would blow up the way it has.

"Breaking Dawn" is due out a bit later this year (59 days and counting) but clicking around Meyer's site, I found a link to "Midnight Sun" which is essentially Edward's take on "Twilight". Now that's mighty interesting. The pdf to the first chapter is here but I don't want to read it until I have the original to compare it to. You know what that means right? Looks like I'll be dropping some money on the book. A second time. *sigh*


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