Me? A Car Nut? Nooooooo.......

Ok, so maybe just a little. But not all cars. Just LX cars. It's a fascination since we bought Mean Mary. I just can't help myself.

Like last night. I was watching "Southland Tales" when I noticed all of the cop cars were Dodge Chargers. Hubby was in the other room. I yelled out "Honey! All the police cars are Chargers!!" Lame. I know. But it gets worse.

I started to get tired so I moved the movie and myself to the bedroom. Hubby came in a few minutes later and watched a little of the movie with me. Well, lookie there, it's a 300. I say to hubby, "All we're missing now is the Magnum and we've got the entire LX family in the movie. I wonder how much Dodge paid for the placement." A few minutes later, Sarah Michelle Gellar's character arrives guessed it, a Magnum. Weird in a cool sort of way.

And to make matters worse, I'm checking out some new pics that Peter over at /Film posted today for the upcoming Death Race remake titled "Death Race 3000" when I think I spot a 300. Lo and behold, closer look it IS a 300. I sent an email to the boys: "Death Race 3000: Spot the LX". Ha. Ha. Ha.

I know, it's a bit obsessive. I just can't help myself.

And while looking for some pictures of the cop cars in the movie, I found this cool clip about one of the stunts in the film which happens to feature my baby.


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