Anatomy of a Picture

I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter. I never managed to really get into the books and I've seen the films as they've been released but haven't loved or hated any of them and frankly, if you were to ask me which one was my favourite, I'm not sure I could tell you - they've all started to blend together.

I'm not particularly excited to see the upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - it opens November 21st, but I saw a few photos from the production that are really spectacular.

From the set which you can find over at /Film, I found this one particularly breathtaking:

I'm not a photography expert, you need only look at my photos to know that I'm a point and shoot sort of girl, but I do know what I like and this photo speaks volumes to me. I love the intimacy of the shot and the emotion it manages to capture on the faces of the actors but above all, I love the composition of it. Perhaps composition isn't the correct term but I admire the way in which the photo was framed, with Harry in the foreground and the clean, muted colours. I have a feeling there may be some computer enhancement going on here, I find it hard to believe anyone's skin is that flawless, but it's a gorgeous photo and one that immediately caught my attention.


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