It was an odd, if busy weekend. Dad decided the time was ripe for installing hardwood int he front room which meant a lot of prep work on Friday night/Saturday morning but he did finish with enough time left for us to re-organize the room before guests started arriving.

Mom and dad decided to have a small BBQ to celebrate 30 years of marriage - talk about low key. So while dad installed hardwood, mom and I cooked like worker bees prepping all the goodies for consumption. Between the cooking, moving everything back into the living room and getting ready for people to arrive, I didn't have much to eat during the day. No problem except that once sis arrived, it turned into a drink fest. No crazy drinking but enough to make me a bit tipsy and overly happy. Here are a few highlights from the evening:

S practices his lift with my little sis.

Sis playing it up. "This is my supermodel pose."

"I've got one too..." [I sense a little Zoolander action here...]

Gosh, little sis is adorable!

Laughing fit!
I fall into a laughing fit.

Cuz looking suave.

By this point, I was pretty beat and I'm not quite sure who took this video but it's a bit of fun...if only because my hair isn't as crazy as I thought it was. Plus, you see me dance, if you can really call it that...

An explanation on the video. The truncated voices are those of moi and dad. We're listening to Fado and dad thinks its Amalia and I am explaining that it's actually Mariza. And you can't see it but in the background, I'm showing dad my Zune with the album cover as proof.

I thought I'd clear that up 'cause, you know, you might care.


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