Dancing in the Rain

Best Bag EVER

Best bag. EVER.

Anyone that knows my taste in movies is probably aware that I have a soft spot for teen flicks and, in particular, ones with a whole lot of dancing.

I popped into Rogers Video yesterday to pick up a couple of new rentals. They didn't have what I was really looking for ("The Last Winter") but I did pick-up "Paranoid Park" and walking down the rows of new releases, I gave into the craving of "Step Up 2: The Streets". If you've seen one of these you'ver pretty much seen them all but as per usual, I had a good time talking to the screen.

Common curses:

"Are you serious?"
"Like I've never seen that before."
"You've got to be kidding me!"

I do give the movie credit for the excellent dance sequences, particularly the closing sequence which tops the ones before it. It's raining. It's dark. The lighting is perfect. Just the kind of thing you'd expect. Thankfully, there was enough good stuff to be satisfying. You can pretty much skip it (though Channing Tatum does make a small appearance and Robert Hoffman looks something this side of smoking hot in a pulled down hat) but you simply must take a look at the final dance sequence which blew my socks off.

Check it:


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