When I Grow Up...

As with a whole load of other people out there in the world, I still don't know what I want to do "when I grow up". I have an idea but sometimes I'm reminded of things that I've loved over my life so far and I reminisce of what life would be like if I had followed a different path.

In my elementary and early high-school days, I was fascinated with paleontology and archeology. For a long time I though I wanted to study ancient cultures and civilizations and though somewhere along the line I moved beyond wanting to work in the field. I never quite gave up on the dream all together and I still take great joy and pleasure from a few odd classes here and there on the subject and occasionally, by a TV special.

TED has posted a video of Louise Leakey, another of the great clan, speaking to the crowd about human origins. She seems a bit nervous though I'll guess that perhaps she's more excited than nervous, but the talk is interesting and she has some amazing animations and photos I hadn't seen before.


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