Hell Week Continues

For the most part, work is bearable. Occasional crazy moments followed by down time to recooperate but this week, especially the last few days of this week, have been psychotic to the point where I seriously considered skipping out today - and then I remembered that the shit would still be here next week so I figure I'll do my best to wade through most of it today. Shouldn't surprise me though, the accountant is going on vacation for a week and everyone is up in arms to get things done before she leaves today. The way I see it, once she's gone, I'll have a little time to breathe!

It's a bit quiet at the moment, hence this update, but in 10 minutes I'll be going out on an errand and from then on, the day will roll downhill towards 5PM. We've got a full weekend planned: Mission Raceway tonight and then we leave for Mt. St. Helen's Saturday morning, returning Sunday night. Last year's cruise was a load of fun but it rained and it was too foggy to see the mountain. Considering the weekend is supposed to be a scorcher, I'm expecting I'll actually get to see it this year.

And just in case I don't have time to come back for more goodness, I thought I'd take this time to wish everyone a great weekend and to share this week's KFF:


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