The Silence Before...

It's 7:15AM. I'm up, showered and ready to go. We're leaving shortly. Meeting the group going down tonight at White Spot for some breakfast and chat before the trek to the border. I hope to go we leave early, I have a feeling it'll be a long line-up.

Thankfully, this time I'm prepared. The new in-dash stereo Hubby put in plays DVD's. I packed 4 DVD's (approximately 8 hours of goodness) for the possible border line-up.

Before starting to type this, I felt like I needed some inspiration. I recently saw The Silence Before Bach and though the film itself was interesting if a little on the artsy side, one scene took my breath away and lucky for me, it's on YouTube. I've been listening to this on repeat for a few days whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Time to go. I'll be back tonight with, I assume, lots of photos! :)


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