St. Helens '08: SUCCESS!

There were a few glitches, most notably the 2 hour border line-up on Saturday morning and the lack of working internet, even though we paid for it!, at the Motel 6 in Kelso but otherwise, the trip was a complete success.

My bumper sticker for the trip: 2 days, 928km, 84 cars = AWESOME

I did some vlogging thinking that it would be easier to upload video diaries than typing but the lack of internet caused a few glitches. I still, however, got the videos up. Here we go:

The first video from the trip is "Trip Intro" which is the 5th video down, everything newer is from the trip.

And because I'm camera happy, loads of pictures!

And we're not done yet! One of the forum members put together a little video, much like last years', except this time, there was a much larger convoy!

We were near the back of the pack this year at 4:09 (check out last year's video). Thanks again to aliens300c for the wicked vid:

The picture I took of the lot last year actually made it into the North West calendar but I'm not sure the same will be true this time around. There were simply too many cars and to boot, we had to park facing the helicopter rather than the observatory. Still, I managed a good shot:

On a good note, we did manage to see the mountain this year and it was fantastic!!


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