Triumphant Return #238

Or something like that I'm sure.

It's been a crazy week and it's likely to be a crazy weekend. I'll be Twittering a lot (that seems to be working for me really well), so if you're curious about the shenanigans, be sure to follow me (and if necessary) join up.

Hoping that it stays clear tonight so we can enjoy the evening at the Richmond Night Market not sure yet [plans thwarted when looking for a link and discovering that the market is closed for 2008! BOOHOO!].  Tomorrow is a surprise birthday party for an aunt (we still don't have all of the details), Sunday is a day trip to sis's place for a day full of fun in the pool and hot tub. As for Monday...still undecided but I have a load of movies to get through including one I've had from Rogers for over a week. Oops.

What I do have for you, and I know a few of you have missed this once-regular feature, is a KFF. Yes, the Keanu Friday Find is making a long awaited appearance. You ready for it? It's a really good one....Alright, enough teasing. Here it is.


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