The Weekend

As expected, the long weekend was wall to wall chalk full of action and adventure.

My thwarted plans were slightly appeased when hubby took me to the Chinese market in Chinatown. It's much, much smaller than Richmond but I managed to get a case for my phone which was exactly what I was looking for so that worked out quite well.

Saturday turned into a gong show of a day with tons of running around including an appearance in Surrey at a party being thrown by one of the local LX Group members in prep for the car show on Sunday. I was soooo bored, I Twittered my way through the party.

We made a quick getaway and headed to Ridgestock 2008. We were completely unprepared with no chairs, blankets or drinks and I was insanely bored for 20 minutes but once the band started, things picked up a little. Sadly, the band kept taking long, drawn out breaks and as it started to get colder, I started thinking I'd rather be at home. I took this short video in between sets:

Things went a little better on Sunday. Hubby headed out to a car show in the morning and I met up with my cousin who volunteered to take me to run some errands. I felt bad about it so rather than drive me around, I asked him if he'd be interested in going to the car show. We ended up heading over to see hubby who was in surprised shock when we showed up. It was a pretty small show but it was still fun and I've posted the photos at the usual place. I managed to find the time to head across the street to Chapters where I picked up my shiny new copy of "Breaking Dawn".

After that, we headed out to sis' place for swimming and dinner. After a few glorious hours in the warm pool, we had a fabulous dinner and after mom and dad left, the drinking started. The night included a whole load of alcohol, night swimming and a 4AM bedtime. I managed to roll out of bed at 11AM on Monday, went for a hop in the pool and then onto the sidelines with my book for a few hours of reading. For the most part, I simply spent time in the pool. It was a fabulous 2 days.

Little sis, the brother-in-law-to-be and the kids (the dogs - the little one is MIA from the picture) were excellent hosts. We'll have to do it again before the summer is out!


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