Stressing over Sunglasses

Why does stuff like this always happen to me? WHY???

Boss lady asked me to track down some sunglasses today for a birthday gift. Turns out, they're brand new and none of the local stores have them in stock. The result, I had to order a pair from some folks at Metrotown. To make matters worse, she's decided to order the pair from a store closer to North Van. The result? I've placed an order for sunglasses that I don't want and after talking to the sales girl this afternoon, it looks like I'm stuck with them. Good god. I haven't paid for them but I've given them a credit card number that was necessary to place the order.

I don't really want the glasses but it looks like I'll be stuck with them. Does anyone have any experience with stuff like this? Do I *have* to keep them or if I don't want them, can they charge the credit card without anyone signing for it? Help?


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