Deciphering TXT MSGS

On the eve (almost eve, it actually kicks off for Telus customers on August 8th) of Telus customers being charged for incoming text messages - a blatant money grab if I've ever seen one - the Telus folks decide now is the appropriate time to send out a text message how to as a bill insert.

This came today, tucked in along with the officen's cell phone bill. It's a little instructional cheat sheet on commonly used text message abbreviations. A MUST have for anyone using the service. But wait, if you already use texting, shouldn't you know these already? If you're me, the answer is no. I text a lot but I *hate*, with a fierce passion, these stupid abbreviations. They tick me off. I don't know why, perhaps its my English love coming through but it seems like an erosion of the language.

Inside the pamphelt? Information on text plans, one of which includes unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages for a nice cost of $20. Dude, my 6GB data plan costs me $30 over at Rogers. I think I'm getting the better deal. As I said, blatant money grab. I hope Telus gets burned.

And to think that I considered jumping ship to Telus. Sometimes, it's better to stay with the devil you know than the devil you don't know.


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