OMG! It's a "LUV-A-FAIR" Re-Launch!

It's sad but true: my clubbing days ended before they officially started. How does that happen? I started frequenting nightclubs (nightclub really) when I was 18 (a year before my legal date) and by the time I was 19, my favourite hangout had closed and I gave up trying to find another place.

When I met hubby, he wasn't much of a club goer - mostly because the poor guy has little rhythm. Thankfully, he had friends that dragged him out and I got to tag along. We use to go to Luvafair every Friday and Saturday night. The boys liked to hand around the pool tables while the girls danced the night away. It had a wicked vibe, awesome music (I think Saturday was industrial night) and it was an all around great time. It was the only place I went where the DJs knew us, the waitresses knew us and it was also the place where I fell off the stage. No comment.

I was saddened when the place closed and did try to find something new - went to Sonar a few times, The Lotus, even tried The Plaza on Granville but nothing ever replaced it and so my clubbing days ended. The club closed its doors in February 2003, 27 years after it first opened and so died Vancouver's only truly alternative night club and with it, my clubbing days. Luvafair was an institution and over the years, there have been various events dubbed "Luvafair" revivals/nights but I've yet to make it out to one of them. And here comes the most recent of the pack.

On Thursday, September 25th, Celebrities will be hosting "Luvafair 2" featuring 1980-1989 playlists. Along with the wicked tunes, they've got a cool lineup of musicians, artists and DJs. It looks like it'll be a wicked night! Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased here. Tickets at the door are $20.

I've got a couple of movies lined up for that night otherwise, I'd definitely be making the trip, especially since I have Friday off. One of these days, these events will land on a Friday or Saturday night and I'll have NO excuse not to go. Until then, I'll just keep reminiscing about the "good old days".

And since I'm talking celebrations...congrats to Darren Bruce who took home the title of Mr. Gay Canada at the event which took place this weekend! Congratulations!


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