Zune Upgrade 3.0 - The Not-So-Great Experience

I'd been remiss to upgrade my Zune software as soon as it was launched last weekend but Saturday night, while waiting for dinner to cook, and having read some great feedback about the new features included in the Zune 3.0 update, I decided to upgrade.

I downloaded the software and installed it without a glitch (other than the fact that the new software didn't import my Podcasts - bugger), the firmware upgraded with no problems and without deleting everything from my player (BONUS) but I noticed that the Marketplace link was missing from the software. I thought that perhaps I'd had a glitch during the install so I re-installed it and still, no Marketplace tab. WTF? After a little research, I discovered that the new Marketplace, which features some of the best and cool new Zune upgrades, is not available to Canadians. Saddly, what this also means is that aside from not being able to purchase any music, I'm also not allowed to subscibe to podcasts or check out any of the cool free features. Disappointing. Yeah, I can still subscribe to the podcasts but not from the Marketplace which means discovering new music/shows, something which the Zune is getting great points for, is useless to me.

I'm really disappointed by this development but am hopeful that maybe, just maybe, they'll solve this problem soon by giving Canadians a version of the software. That major disappointment aside, I am liking the social aspect of the software which lets me be buddies with people, see what they're listening to and, if the Marketplace thing was working, I'd also be able to check out recommendations based on what I'm listening to. Basically, the same thing that Last.fm does for iTunes except already integrated into the Zune Social community.

I've also updated the sidebar with a "Listening To" widget that shows you exactly what I've listened to since I last synched my Zune!

UPDATE: Just upgraded the Zune software as prompted through the software rather than a clean download and no only did the upgrade not erase my podcasts, it also installed the Marketplace. WTF?


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