Zune Upgrades

Zune Love!

I love my Zune. I love my Zune so much I haven't bothered to go back to my iPod. I still have it but it's being used by hubby in the car - when he actually remembers to take it with him.

The folks at Podcasting News have some information on the recent upgrades to the Zune and the Zune firmware and though they're not all that impressed with the major announcement of the radio channels, I'm not quite so down on Microsoft. Bottom line, I don't use the radio feature all that often but am thrilled that I have that option if I ever do want to use it.

That said, the radio is the least of the updates I care about. The one that caught my eye is that users can now access the Zune Marketplace music store directly from their device when they are in a recognized Wi-Fi hot spot, or through a home wireless network. It's not a huge upgrade I realize, especially for me who hasn't bought any music from the marketplace yet, but it's a step in the right direction. What I didn't see on the list that would be great to do now would be to set up the marketplace to also take credit card payments because at it stands now, I have to buy a Microsoft Card for Credits that can then be exchanged for the mucis/tv - much like the XBox Marketplace.


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