Kaiser Chiefs Return to Form

Kaiser Chiefs

The last band I discovered via MuchMusic was the Kaiser Chiefs. Late one night, while hanging out with my sister and flipping through the channels, we struck on the bands' first big single "I Predict a Riot". After one listen, I couldn't get the song out of my head and the next time I was at the mall, I picked up the CD of "Employment".

A while later, I dragged little sis to the Chief's performance at the Commodore Ballroom (of which you may recall a few pictures). Sister was instant convert.

I picked up their second album "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" but it didn't do much for me. Outside of "Ruby" (which most people will probably recognize from the song's appearance on Guitar Hero 3), the rest of the album was merely OK but I kept listening, hoping that maybe something would click. Not so much.

The Kaiser Chiefs Rock the Stage

Then, just the other day, I heard a new track from the band and good god, it's freaking awesome. "Never Miss A Beat" feels and sounds like the original greatness of the Chiefs and according to the good folks at Paste Magazine, "Off With Their Heads" (which was released yesterday) is a must buy - they've given it a rating of "91 - phenomenal". WHOOHOOO!

Here's the video for the catchy new tune and if you're intersted in checking out a few more tunes before dropping money on the CD, a few other tracks can be found ont he band's MySpace page.


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