Juliet is Back and I *Almost* Missed It

Shamefully, I haven't been as good on my reading over the last few years but I have picked up a few new authors who I really love including one that almost instantly jumped into my best loved of all time Juliet Marillier.

The woman is wonderfully imaginative, incorporating history into her tales of love, lore and adventure and she manages to strike just the right ballance. She's also one of the few authors I've followed from early on and as a result, have actually noticed a shift in her style and approach. You can only begin to imagine my shock and glee when reading through my RSS feeds this morning to stumble on an interview with Juliet regarding her new book. New book? I can't believe I nearly missed this!

It's titled Heir to Sevenwaters and for a short moment, I had a heart palpitation that I'd have to go back and find copies of the first three books in the Sevenwaters Trilogy to catch up but it looks like this is a stand alone novel.

Over the years, I've purchased most of my Marillier novels via the Australian Online Bookstore - mostly because the novels are released in Asutralia before anywhere else - but this time around it looks like the US release is in-line with the Australian. I've even found that occasionally, ordering online has been cheaper than walking into the bookstore. I'll have to research but I may still purchase the novel through Bob's great store.

I've also just noticed that the novels in the Sevenwater's trilogy have new covers which I *love* and considering I've Bookcrossed and released my other copies, I may need to invest in the new set...


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