Great But Cancelled

I don't watch a whole lot of TV but having just seen Episode 9 of "True Blood" (TB love!) and realizing there are only another 4 episodes left before the end of the season, I was reminded of a list I stumbled on a few weeks ago.

Sci-Fi Wire posted their list of  Top 10 brilliant but cancelled with "Firefly" (duh!) topping the list. Rather unsurprisingly considering my lack of consistent TV watching, I haven't seen any of the other shows on the list though I'll admit to having picked up the complete "Alien Nation" series thanks to hubby's recommendation (though we've only seen a couple of episodes) but pocking around I note that "American Gothic" is also on the list. I remember skipping through the show a few times while it was on but never settling for long enough to get pulled in. I'm thinking this is going to be my next project once "True Blood" goes on hiatus.

Also worth noting that one of the other shows I discovered and came to love that was also cancelled, "Moonlight" is no where on the list. Shameful! ;)


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