Wasn’t Meant to Be

I had my Sunday completely scheduled. 10AM screening of Slumdog Millionaire at The Park, an afternoon photo walk with a friend who lives in the neighbourhood of the theatre and then an evening screening of Gomorra (a film I missed at VIFF and was very excited to see). The day went 75% as planned. Of course, the 25% error was all my fault.

Mom called me at 4:45, just as I was getting off the bus at Main Street and about to catch a Commuter bus to my 6:30 screening. Turns out, she’d made dinner. The sad part is that she told me about said dinner last week and I completely forgot. She was sad, she was angry and then she hung up on me. Standing on the corner of Main and Terminal, all in a tizzy that I’d forgotten about this, I made a split second decision. I called Dale, who I was supposed to meet at the screening and let him know that I wouldn’t make it. I called hubby to make arrangements for a pick-up at the Skytrain and I called mom back to let her know I was on my way.

On the one hand, I’m happy I made that decision and on the other, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wasn’t mean to see Gomorra. This is the second time my plans to see this have been thwarted and at this point, I’ve pretty much given up hope on seeing it before it comes on DVD some time next year. Bugger, I really wanted to see it too.

On the bright side, the first movie of the day was very enjoyable, as was my photo walk. Though the weather wasn’t all that nice, we still managed quite the trek from Main Street, up to Queen Elizabeth Park and then back. I took 200+ pictures and tested out the camera nicely. All of the pictures from my adventure have now been uploaded to Flickr.


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