It's been an unapologetically brutal few days. I have some new duties at the office that where supposed to include higher pay (still waiting for that to kick in) but aside from eating up all of my time, they're also causing me to fall behind on regular duties. The result? No time for reading, writing, eating or even breathing. I've been at the office until 7pm every night this week and when the boss lady asked how things were going, I was honest; I told her I was feeling the pressure and drowning in the work but that I was working through it. She had no response. Not sure what she expected me to say but I wasn't going to take it sitting down.

I don't mind the extra work but it's been a little difficult adjusting when the procedures change daily. I think we're almost back to normal though so I expect that things will be a little better come the New Year.

I haven't been to the theatre since Sunday, haven't listened to any podcasts in over a week and have instead been spending my free time (read: my commute) wading through hours of new music and with my nose stuck in a couple of books. I've found it a wonderful way to unwind and am happy to be back to a more regular reading schedule. I've read more books in the last 2 weeks than in the last 11 months.

Now that I've used up my 10 minutes of free time, back to work. These move-ins don't schedule themselves you know!


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