Blog/Podcast Awards - HELP NEEDED!

Asking for help is not my forte though when I have to, I don’t mind asking. The hurdle I can’t seem to get over is the asking for help over the web. It doesn’t feel quite right – like it’s not quite personal enough but frankly, I need your help.

After the Credits, the podcast that I cohost with the fabulous Dale and Colleen is getting some attention and has been nominated for 2 great awards.

Canadian Blog Awards

This is one I didn’t nominate us for but found out about it via Hummingbird604. I was a bit surprised but passed it along to all my friends thinking we’d never make it past the nomination round. Go figure, they voted for us and we did make it to the finals. I urge you to take a quick moment and head over there to vote for us! Yes, it’s an honour to be nominated but it would be even better to win!

Vote for “Row Three” HERE!

Best of 604

The other set of awards is the Best of 604 which is organized by Vancouver blogger extraordinaire Miss604. This one, I’m not ashamed to say, I nominated myself but then, I figured that with the rich (and it’s very rich) community, we’d be among a list of a few dozen. Surprisingly, we’re in the running among a rather small group which is both exciting and terrifying. What does make me feel better: it’s a very elite group.

Vote for “After the Credits” HERE!

So please, my one request for the year, head on over there and share in the love! And feel free to pass along the link – the more the merrier! ;)


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