Did you hear it?

Over the weekend, while I was at home watching the snowfall and, every hour or so, commenting with "Holy Crap!" as it continued to pile up, Rob cut his hair sending millions of girls into frenzied ghasps.

The "Twilight" star cut off his beautiful mane and is sporting a much shorter, though still very becoming, cut which has sent the fangirls into a bit of a frenzy. Is it to his benefit? Who knows but it is interesting considering that his hair was getting more attention than his acting. Worry not ladies, the hair will grow back and I'm sure it'll be beautifully coiffured for his return as Mr. Cullen in "New Moon".

If you haven't seen it yet (and I know you want to see it), here are a few snapshots of the young man over the weekend:

Personally, I'm more taken by that thousand watt smile. Loads more pictures over at Gossip Girls.


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