Zune in Danger? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Good things are not a-brewing. According to a recent story at Podcasting News, it looks like sooner rather than later the Zune will no longer be “just” a Zune. Looks like Microsoft could be unveiling a new product which would combine the Zune music player with the Danger Sidekick phones. The result? A device that would act more like a iPod than a Zune. On the one hand, I’m happy to see the competition but on the other, I love my Zune too much to even bare the idea of not being able to replace it down the line.

I’m hopeful that by the time I do need a replacement, the price on this fancy new device has lowered significantly or even better, that Microsoft follows Apple and provides a version of the player which doesn’t have the phone capability (I love my N95 thank-you-very-much).

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. For now, you can read all of the speculation over at Podcasting News and then maybe even head over to Zunescene for some concept art. At least we don’t have long to wait. The announcement, if there is one, will be made at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 7th.


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