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In the comments for my mini-review of “Gossip Girl”, Monica brought up another show which I hadn’t heard of and after a little reading, I decided to give a few episodes a shot and see if it was any good.

Privileged” is another CW show though this one appears to cater to a slightly older audience. It stars Joanna García as Megan, a Yale educated writer with aspirations to become a journalist – a task that hasn’t gone well. In the first 10 minutes of the show we learn that she’s living in NY’s Meat Packing District writing a story that wasn’t assigned. She gets fired and through some crazy events, ends up in Palm Beach, as a tutor to the Baker girls. She has to ensure, by whatever means possible, get the girls into college but obviously, they have other ideas.

The show didn’t start off on the best footing and from the opening credits, I knew something was off. García doesn’t seem to fit the role and frankly, the writers haven’t given her much to work with. She comes across as a blubbering fool rather than a Yale educated woman with high aspirations. To make matters worse, all of the characters on the show seem badly realized to the point that I can’t even recall the names of the main characters (I had to look them up). The basis of the show has potential to be interesting but an episode an a half in, the story hadn’t moved; Megan was still at some party which (surprise!) the sister she was trying to avoid was at and the two were re-opening old wounds. The pilot also introduced what I assume will be the love interest Will, the wealthy next door neighbour who happens to come over to the house for breakfast (apparently this is a common occurrence). Though handsome, he comes across as a bit of ditz and though I’m sure there’s more to his character which will develop as the show goes on, I can’t be bothered to find out what that something is.

Though it clearly wants to be something more, “Privileged” is completely uninteresting. It lacks the energy, chemistry or presence of “Gossip Girl” and though it could potential get better as the season progresses, I could only manage to get though 1.5 episodes before giving up out of sheer boredom.

I would be surprised to find out that this has been extended to a second season but you can never be sure about TV Networks. They often cancel the good shows to keep crap on the air. This is one to avoid.


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