Not So Sexy: Thoughts on the Taboo Sex Show

On a beautiful Saturday, when we should have been out enjoying the sun, hubby and I headed into downtown Vancouver.

As mentioned last week, we got a pair of tickets to attend the Taboo sex show here in Vancouver and on Saturday afternoon, we spent a few hours walking by and stopping at various booths, tables and displays featuring fun toys and slippery substances, not to mention we saw a lot of boobs. Unfortunately, the show was not exactly what I'd expected and like Emme over at, I thought it was a a bit trashy; crowded with people who apparently only do their adult toy shopping at the show. It's the only explanation for why The Love Nest's booth was jam packed even though nothing appeared to be on sale (same goes for Little Sisters).

Even among the trash (and there was a lot of it), I did find a few gems. Perhaps the coolest find was the discovery of the Terminal City Roller Girls. Hubby and I are *so* going to one of their events (when they're up in Canada at least). We also had a chance to see a little Burlesque and discovered that the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is coming up. I can't wait to check out some of the events though, as a note, they've yet to post an event schedule. I did find out that there is a weekly show on Sunday nights at the Biltmore but with work on Monday, Sunday is a bad night for an outing.

I also had a chance to introduce hubby to the Suicide Girls. I'm still in a bit of shock that he had no idea what the hell I was talking about the first time we walked by the booth.

As for retailers, the best I found were Love Style who had an awesome assortment of glass toys - it was cool to see such a large collection when usually the selection is fairly small; and Love Bumper, a local company which designs ergonomically correct furniture to aid you in your sexual adventures. I had a nice chat with the designer and was impressed with his honesty and frankness not to mention, I *love* his product.

There was a slightly uncomfortable moment walking though Sin City's "The Dungeon" and recognizing a few people from my early days on the club scene but aside from that, nothing life changing.

Over all, it was a fun way to kill a few hours but I wasn't impressed enough to make the trip next year - unless the tickets are free again.

And when we left, the fog had set in.


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