Possibly Awesome? The Vampire Diaries

I'm sure that at this point, most people that are interested already know about CW's upcoming new show The Vampire Diaries. Based on LJ Smith's popular series, before even seeing any material from the show it was obvious the reason for the production was to capitalize on the "Twilight" fandom. I've been curious about the show and had every intention to check it out when it airs on September 10th but I'd yet to see anything from the show.

Earlier today, fellow vampire fan and all around fabulous ProgGrrl posted a link to some new art for the show and I was surprised to find it a little more risqué than I initially anticipated. See for yourself:


Admittedly this isn't very steamy but it is suggestive. Much more suggestive than I would have thought. And then I was sent this:

Instantly, I'm much more interested. My first thought at this second image: fabulous! It's like "Gossip Girl" meets vampires! And we all know how much I love "Gossip Girl"...

I did a little digging and found that a very resourceful YouTuber has cut together the various sneak previews that have been floating around the web and after seeing this, I'm a little shocked and very excited at how much this resembles "Twilight". The look, the feel and even the music... One of the characters (who I'm assuming is a vampire) even resembles Edward...Im' completely and utterly sold.

What I'm wondering now is whether I should go ahead and pick-up the series to read or if I should wait for the show. I was under the impression that I had "The Vampire Diaries" on the shelf but it turns out to be another LJ Smith series called "Night World" which I have started and am enjoying a great deal.


And if you're interested in finding out more about the show and/or the Smith's world, I recommend taking a browse through the very awesome Vampire-Diaries.net.


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