There are some things that are best to be Tweeted: links to things that I only have one or two word comments for, pictures, funny websites, admissions. For the most part, the public admissions are fine but occasionally, I have a thought that isn't really appropriate for the nearly 900 people who follow me, some (most) of which are movie folk I respect. So here we go: my admission on my personal blog which doesn't feel quite as public as Twitter.

Is it bad that I have a GReader folder dedicated specifically to "Twilight"? Probably not. It just means I'm organized (right?) but what about when that folder has 40+ feeds? Feeds that I read almost daily? Granted, I read them *after* my movie news/work stuff but still. With all that "Twilight" reading, where the heck am I supposed to find time to read recommended fanfic?


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