Star Struck

A funny thing happened to me yesterday.

Hubby and I went for dinner before meeting up with the Before Dawn crew for the pilot of "The Vampire Diaries" (more on that at a later date). We'd had a nice dinner at Earls and were standing near the entrance. Hubby was paying and I was standing a few feet away, keeping myself busy and scoping out the awesome dinning room. A lady walks in looking for her party (a large reservation); she's standing a few feet away from me. As the hostess starts to lead her to her table, the lady walks by me and stops.

Lady: I know you from somewhere. From the internet.

I look at her, a little puzzled. I'm looking at her face trying to remember if I've met her at some event or know her from one of my meetups; the entire time my heart is pounding because OMG, I can't place her. After a few seconds, I respond.

Me: From Meetup?
Lady:'re the lady from the Twilight videos!
Me (flabbergasted and floored at being recognized): That's me! *laugh*
Lady: I'm a Twilight mom! It's my job to find all of the great Twilight material on the internet to share with my daughter and we loved your videos!
Me (totally humbled and still a shocked): Thank you! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed them! I had a great time doing them!
Lady: Keep up the great work! We love the podcast and can't wait to see the new movie!
Me: Thank you!

I can't believe it. I had someone else, a few weeks back, send me a Facebook friend request with the note "OMG! You're the lady from the Twilight videos!" I was so excited at being recognized but that didn't match being stopped by a random stranger. It was awesome. Hubby made some funny joke about me being a minor celebrity. I'll take what I can get thank-you-very-much!


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