I know. All you want is a break from "Twilight". I promise you that break for at least this post though I'm not sure how long the interlude will really last.

I'd like to take a moment to share two things. The first is that I've just read the first two books of L. J. Smith's soon to be TV show "The Vampire Diaries". I don't love the books but have been convinced that the fourth book in the series ends in a spectacular scene and so I will slug my way through book three to get there.

You may recall that before I picked up the books I speculated that the show might be a winner. I still think it has potential but I'm decidedly more on the fence now than I was before. I did however, just stumble on this promotional still which has my senses tingling. It's a very racy image which suggests more "Gossip Girl" which as far as I'm concerned, is a good thing. See for yourself:

And if you'd like to hear me wax poetic on the the novels and the show's potential, you're in luck. Episde 19 of Before the Dawn has just gone live and is all about "The Vampire Diaries". Be sure to check us out!

As for the "True Blood" lover in me...I think I'm slowly starting to lose my mind. What on earth did I ever see in Vampire Bill? Seriously, even his name now rubs me the wrong way. It's something about the fact that he seems inwardly creepy and shady. Erik on the other hand...he may be evil but it's all on display. And I'm sorry, when you look like this, it's impossible to imagine anyone could look away.

This image has replaced my Twilight desktop. For now at least.


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