Destination: Victoria

I'd totally written the Victoria Film Festival out of my mind (if it wasn't for Jason constantly tweeting about it the event would probably have come and gone and I never would have noticed) until a few weeks ago when in passing, Colleen asked if I was interested in heading over for a day. Well, a day turned into a weekend and that weekend is quickly approaching - like, this Saturday!

We're heading over on the first ferry of the day, watching movies on Saturday and then I'm taking Sunday to just relax with hubby and we're coming back sometime Sunday night. We've been to Victoria a few times and honestly, have seen everything there is to see, but it'll be nice to get a change of scenery for a few days. I'm even hoping I can convince hubby to stop on through Sidney (AKA Booktown) on the drive back to the ferry. I love that place!

As for what I'm seeing on Saturday, I have a full day (since hubby will be busy taking in Hockey Day in Canada). On the docket: "Year of the Carnivore," "The Wild Hunt," "Down for Life" and "Like Dandelion Dust." The first film is work for QE though I must admit I'm not all that excited to see it. Fingers crossed that it goes well. "The Wild Hunt" is a Canadian film I've been dying to see for months. I was unfortunate enough to miss it at the Whistler Film Festival and am happy to finally be able to see it. "Down for Life" is a bit of filler but looks promising and "Like Dandelion Dust" is a late addition, one I'm only seeing because I love Berry Pepper.

Should be a fantastic weekend. Keep your eyes peeled at both QE and R3 for reviews and if you're so inclined, Twitter for all of my updates.

I've also found out that Dale is headed over on the second weekend of the festival. If I didn't already have plans for the Saturday, I'd be crashing in on their roadtrip!


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