New Moon DVD Pre-Order

Apparently today is the day when you can start pre-ordering "New Moon" on DVD from a number of retail outlets (including Amazon). So how sad is it that I pre-ordered mine from HMV 2 weeks ago?

I happened to be int he store looking for something for hubby when I noticed all of the signage around. The deal: pre-order the DVD and get a film cell featuring either Jacob or Edward. We had a hard time placing the order since, apparently, I was the first one (yes, I realize this makes me even more of a geek). But yes, it will be mine. MINE! I'm thankful that this time around, Summit put a kabosh on the various editions they had for "Twilight." It was a job onto itself trying to track who was selling what edition. This time you get a choice of either a one or two disc. That's it.

I did notice that the online price is cheaper (by 5 dollars!) than the price I'll be paying in store. I've already tweeted HMV to see if I'll be getting the discounted $19.99 price.

And for the record, I really dislike this DVD cover art.

EDIT: Turns out Summit lied because Target just posted a 3 disc SE. I'm going to wait. I'm sure the contents of that third disc will find their way online sooner or later.


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