Class Act

At LiveCity Yaletown last night, events got a little out of hand. Between the excitement of our first men's hockey win, the excitement of seeing a popular (very popular) local band and perhaps a little too much to drink, disaster struck when the crowd pushed forward when Alexisonfire took the stage. The crowd surged forward, crushing the folks up front into the barriers which eventually gave way causing injuries and stopping the show.

I caught wind of the incident this morning when hubby mentioned it (likely because he's a little worried about my plans to see a few bands in the coming days) but stuff like this is bound to happen though it does sadden me that it happened here. It's amazing what a few rowdy people are capable of.

Local blogger Tracy put me on to this video which was shot by someone in the crowd. I'm not a fan of the band but I will say this, they were a class act last night and I applaud them for their actions.


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