Drowning in Tissue

What I'm really drowning in is mucous but that's well, not the best way to get people to read on. Yes, I'm sick (insert whimpering sound here).

It started Sunday when I woke up with a sore throat but after an afternoon of food coma (complete with nap time), I finally headed to bed only to hear the alarm go off on Monday morning and be incapable of getting out of bed. Seriously, I was so sore, I couldn't even roll myself from the bed and the mere thought of walking from the bedroom down the hall to the kitchen to get my phone was making me ill. Thankfully, hubby came to the rescue and he had his phone handy so at 6:30AM, I called the boss lady to inform her that I was too sick to come in.

I was in bed until 2PM when I finally got up and mobile enough to shower, eat and take drugs, a regiment that has continued for nearly two days (though I did come into work yesterday feeling much better). Still feeling sick and the recycled air is doing a job on my nose but I'm definitely doing better than I was Monday. Hope I make it through the day since I've got a big night ahead.

And BTW on a completely unrelated note (other than the fact that it would probably make me feel better to see it crisp and clear on my TV), I'm cursing Borders. My "New Moon" DVD *still* hasn't arrived.


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