Road to recovery

My bounce back from VIFF seems to get longer and longer with each passing year. Granted, there was a lot going on post-festival so it wasn't because I was tired or anything, just the way the cookie crumbled. If anything, every festival year seems to get easier and easier which is a great thing. That said, it doesn't mean I'm immune to illness and last week I caught the stomach flu.

It's an ugly little bugger, one that hung around longer than the pharmacist suggested, even though I followed all of the "rules" for getting better faster. I was so ill I stayed home on Monday and in almost a week, I haven't had more than chicken soup to eat. I did chance it on Tuesday with a slice of plain pizza and last night at Dale's I *really* pushed the envelope with a doughnut (it was heavenly and delicious). Definitely on the road to recovery but I'm excited to have some real food.

Other than that, it's been a quiet few weeks. Busy with work, busy with movies (I've pretty much given up on catching up)... just plain busy.


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