Lindsay Lohan's Marilyn Gets Dissed

Remember those photos that popped up a few weeks back of Lindsay Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe during her last photo shoot? Don't remember? To refresh your memory, head over to NY Mag.

That shoot was apparently supposed to re-introduce the newly sober and bright Lohan to the world but instead, it garnered a lot of negative attention and now the backlash has really begun. Famous Village Voice columnist Michael Musto (trust me, you may not recognize the name but you KNOW who this guy is) has his own spread at VV, copying Lohan copying Marilyn. It's all a bit meta and kind of strange but it's pretty damned funny. And I give Musto credit for doing it too. He seems like a pretty laid back guy but this takes a bit of balls.

The fancy comparison picture comes to you care of Just Jared but you can check out all of the photographs here.


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