Sleep is Over Rated

My Access assignment which is due tonight took MUCH longer to complete than I anticipated, largely in part to the fact that the wonderful professor decided to use the most difficult of the Office applications to test our ability to adapt and as a result, much of the material which I had to finish last night were things that were not explicitly covered in class and which required a little research. I finally printed the last bit of the assignment at nearly 4AM. Considering that at that point I was only going to get a few hours of sleep before having to get up again, I buckled down and edited the new show. My thought was - go through the pain today and come home tonight and straight to bed. At least that's the plan!

A few weeks back I registered for an upcoming free event titled Bridging Media: Addressing The Challenges. I registered on a whim and nearly forgot about it until Dale mentioned it yesterday. I was waffling whether to go or not but I promised to look over the schedule of happenings and now that I've reviewed it, I'm definitely planning to attend. Not only do the sessions sound like they could be of particular interest to me but I'm curious to meet a few of the attendees, particularly Graham Fortin of Movie Set. This could definitely be a great opportunity to build some local contacts.

On a more sombre note, last night I discovered that Enrique Manuel "Rick" Marques, the disabled man found dead in his home the other day, is actually a relation of ours through marriage. I knew Rick only a little (through a cousin). My warm condolences go out to his family.


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