Steve Wiebe is My Hero

One of them at least.

Even since watching "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" I've had a not so secret crush on Donkey Kong champion Steve Wiebe. Not only is he a bit geeky (I'm sorry, anyone who attempts world records of video games is a little geeky), he's cute and just seems like the nicest of guys (mind you, I haven't met him...I'm just assuming).

This morning I was doing some reading when I stumbled on this article which somehow landed me in Google and consequently on YouTube. There I discovered this fun video of Wiebe doing a commercial for the Alamo Draft House (pretty funny):

Then I found this song which was written and produced by Ryan Wiebe, Steve's brother, titled "Chimpatized" and it too is pretty funny, and pretty sweet too!

This third one isn't quite as good but it features Steve being super amicable in the face of a jack-ass.

Photo from Flickr care of Chung Webster.


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