YouTube Makes My Day. Again.

My mom is not computer friendly. While my dad makes the effort to read the news daily, I'm pretty sure mom has no concept of how to even turn the computer on.

Since hubby is on his road trip and I'm home alone, I went up to spend some time with her and cruise YouTube for Portuguese language content - that always makes her smile. An hour later, and gosh knows how many hundreds of clicks later, we do a search for something or other that leads me to stumble on what is likely the greatest commercial. EVER. Mom has informed me that it was in heavy rotation during the World Cup tournament but this is the first time I've ever seen it and it's BRILLIANT. But don't take my word for it. Check out Portugal vs. Brazil:

And of course, this IS YouTube we're talking about here so in come the related videos that will keep you busy for months but amongst much of the drek, I did find one of my favourite commercials from a while back. I call it, Elimination Chamber (trademarked, but not by me):

And Figo makes me a bit weak in the knees...

Photo care of Abdel-Aziz Hammad on Flickr.


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