Renos...without the work

My landlords, who also happen to be my parents, decided to install some new appliances this weekend.

A few weeks back my dad rescued some appliances from a home he's working on. The appliances, a new range and fridge, had been earmarked for the trash but were apparently still in working condition so dad brought them home. After replacing the door of the range and purchasing a new rubber seal for the freezer, the two appliances were ready for installation but I've been gallivanting around town for 2 weeks and haven't been home on a weekend for long enough to finally have them installed. So yesterday, before heading out to a movie meetup, we finally brought in the new appliances. The result, is a fantastic looking new kitchen:

It's amazing how new it all looks and feels and I even mentioned to my mom that it smells like new appliances, even if they are only new to me! I made a comment to hubby that it felt so different. His response "Yeah, it feels like someone broke in and brought us new appliances". Cheeky bastard. :)

What this also means is that I no longer need to turn the fridge off when we podcast because this new fridge is oh so very quiet...this also means that my milk will likely last longer!

Let's recap shall we? New appliances. New TV. New computer (which I'll blog about later this week). I feel like we won the loto!


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