Keanu Reeves Hijacks the Blog

So that title isn't quite accurate because I'm hijacking the blog for Keanu Reeves goodness but whatever. I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks and for whatever reason, I haven't gotten around to it so here we go.

If you've come by here in the last six months or so you're probably aware that we own a Dodge Charger. Hubby belongs to a local LX group and recently returned from a trip to California. The night he got back, I got wind of this funny story which I'll attempt to retell, even though I've only heard it 5th hand (or something to that equivalent).

One of the guys from the LX group (he goes by WestcoastSRT8 so that's what I'll use here) was flying into LA and because the flight was really empty, the airline offered him an upgrade to first class for a nominal fee. He happily paid up and was seated in first class, with no one sitting in the seat next to him. Apparently, a tall, dark and handsome bloke was sitting next to a woman with a screaming child and asked to be moved. He ended up sitting next to WestcoastSRT8 and the two started chatting it up. Our guy talked at length about the car show, the car and whatever else came to mind while the handsome bloke went on about motorcycles.

At LAX, the two went their separate ways to the same carousel to pick up their bags and the next thing you know, there are cameras and a film crew walking in front of our guy as he's making his way out of the airport. Almost by accident, WestcoastSRT8 later finds out that the guy he sat next to on the airplane was none other than Keanu Reeves (and the motorcycle bit all becomes clear) and all the cameras at the airport...they were there for Keanu's arrival. The result is this fun picture of our guy (the older gentleman seen in the background over Keanu's right shoulder) making it into a bunch of picture with Keanu:

If that's not good enough, there's also this video of Keanu making his way through the airport and WestcoastSRT8 (he's pulling the wheely bag) in the background through the entire thing, looking cool, calm and collected:

Sometimes, it pays to be out of touch. I'm not sure I could have been that cool through the entire trip knowing who I was talking to. Actually, I'd probably have turned into a pile of bumbling words as soon as he sat next to me on the plane.

And as per usual, the actual KFF for the week:


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Anonymous said...

I love babies but not in an airplane and especially not when I just want to enjoy or get some rest. Asked to be moved? Done the same thing many times and I have a son I know what it is like to have kids ;)

April 04, 2008 3:20 p.m.

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