Robin Williams Hijacks BBC Debate

This is pretty funny.

I was checking out the newest news from TED when I discovered this little story.

During the BBC World Debate last month, which was hosted by TED, someone, presumably a heckler, stood up from the crowd and started talking loudly. Turns out it was Robin Williams and the comedian took over the stage, stopping the debate for a full eight minutes of laughter.

BBC caught the entire thing on video and they've posted three minutes of the impromptu stand-up. I'm surprised that it's not quite as funny as I had hoped for but Williams does take a few shots at himself and then goes on to take a few at technology. My favourite of the bunch is (paraphrase) "You walk into Google and you have have is a computer and an exercise ball. I think that's how they're hatching new employees."

I want more of Robin Williams doing stand-up. It's better than seeing him in crappy movies.

Picture from Flickr care of Charles Haynes.


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